Tips for a successful Zoom experience

Prepare your work area. Close any unnecessary open applications, windows and/or tabs to free up resources and avoid potential bandwidth issues or interruptions.

Update Zoom – Please sign in a few minutes early to ensure your Zoom app is up-to-date (ver 5.0+) and you are able to connect.

If this is your first-time joining a Zoom meeting, you may watch this < 1 min video in advance on Joining a Meeting via Zoom:

Mute your microphone when you’re not talking. All participants, except co-hosts, will be muted upon entry. This will prevent background noise during the meeting.

Identify yourself by updating your display name. This will be useful for networking. Click on Participants, hover over your name, click More > Rename to edit your name and add your organization. For example, “Jean Kourafas-PPCI” or “Jean K – Philanthropy Partners”

Raise Your Hand to Speak. During a meeting, click on the icon labeled “Participants” at the bottom center of your PC or Mac screen. At the bottom of the window on the right side of the screen, click the button labeled “Raise Hand.” Your digital hand is now raised.

Your video will be on by default. Note that natural lighting and side lighting work best and back-lighting can often make it hard to see. You also have the option to choose stop video and display a profile picture instead, or call in via audio only using a phone. Be prepared, the meeting will be recorded.

Choose Gallery view or Speaker view. Once the meeting begins, the option to change your screen view is located in upper right corner on desktop. Gallery view displays up to 25 participants on each screen, with the active speaker highlighted. You may use the arrow icon to display the next screen(s) of participants.

Ask or answer a question in Zoom Chat. You may also send a group chat message or send a private message to an individual.

If you have technical difficulties during the meeting, enter your question in the chat box with “HELP: ” and one of the co-hosts will assist you.

Participate in Breakout Rooms. This is where most conversations will take place. Breakout rooms are sessions that are split off from the main Zoom meeting to allow you to meet in smaller groups. During the meeting you will receive an invitation to join (your preselected topic and/or randomly assigned) breakout room – click Join. Breakout rooms will automatically close after the allotted time or you may click LEAVE to return to the Main meeting room for closing remarks. The breakout rooms will not be recorded.